Thank you for considering our Special Needs Workshops!

A Lunch and Learn or an Educational Series? All of our presentations are specifically customized for your audience and time frame.  As parents ourselves, we know your time is valuable!


Our presenters specialize exclusively in the Special Needs Community. Obtaining top notch, well respected professionals in the Autism field is a requirement for all of our presentations.  

Topics to Consider:

Early Intervention - Birth to 3 yrs old How to Make the Most of These Critical Years.

Transitioning to the School District - What Changes to Expect, Educationally & Legally.
Placement Decisions & Least Restrictive Environment. What does this mean?

IEP- What Needs to be Included in An Effective IEP - Independent Evaluations & Securing Educational Services.

Applied Behavioral Analysis - History/Effectiveness in treating ASD & What is Included In a Successful Program.

Extended School Year - What are your options?

Autism Spectrum Disorder - How it Changes Throughout the Years. Educationally & Medically.

Autism is Expensive! What are your Financial Options?  

Medications and the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

When the Bus Stops Coming - Transition Planning, Housing/Work/Educational Options,
 Registering for Social Security, DDD, Medicaid. Financial Considerations.

Guardianship & Special Needs Trusts. 

Have a specific topic in mind? Call us to discuss!